WENDT CORPORATION Installs Ragger Wire Chopping Line at The Santarosa Group

Niagara Falls, NY-based The Santarosa Group, a family-owned and operated industrial waste and recycling company, has installed a ragger wire chopping line, designed, manufactured and installed by WENDT CORPORATION and strategic business partner MTB. The new chopping line provides the company with a broad range of processing capabilities, reaffirming The Santarosa Group’s position as a cutting-edge leader in the industrial waste and recycling industry.

Ragger WireIn business since 1951, The Santarosa Group is comprised of a group of unique companies that have experience in a number of industries including tire recycling, hazardous and radioactive waste management, biomass procurement and processing, transfer stations, environmental cleanups among other investments outside of the transportation industry. Today, the company’s primary focus is on catering to its customers and managing industrial waste streams and reprocessing them into valuable commodities along with managing hazardous materials throughout the country.

The Santarosa Group’s investment in the chopping line was primarily made for a very unique application, ragger wire. Ragger wire, also referred to as ragger tail and pulper rope, is made during the paper/pulping process as a way to clean the trash from the pulper vat. The waste material wraps around itself, creating a compact rope-like chain. Ragger wire consists of plastic trimmings, steel baling wire, staples, foil, insoluble papers and other impurities found in paper waste.

“We needed a heavy duty chopping line to size and separate materials,” said Aaron Santarosa, President of The Santarosa Group. “We are putting waste streams which contain various materials that can destroy a typical shredder and the MTB Shredder was able to withstand those materials without ruining the machine in addition to providing the specialized materials for our end-users.”

BDR 2400RThe Santarosa Group’s chopping line features an MTB BDR 2400 Shredder, MTB TMR 600 Ferrous Extractor and Belt Conveyors. The MTB Shredder cuts the tough-to-process ragger wire into 2-inch long pieces, while the TMR 600 extracts the ferrous metals. The Santarosa Group recently purchased an eddy current separator for the recovery of non-ferrous metals from the ragger wire as well. Along with the ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovered, this process provides a finished paper/plastic product that the company can sell as a fuel source.

The chopping line has offered The Santarosa Group great versatility in the products they are able to process. “Our revenue has increased dramatically since we started the operation and now that we are fully operational we have been able to grow our markets and experiment with different products,” Santarosa stated. In addition to using the chopping line for the ragger wire application, the company is shredding numerous aluminum products, plastic and paper rejects, plastics, ferrous wire, coiled ferrous wire, tires, wood, MRF residue among other materials.

Operating 5-6 days per week, the shredder is running at a rate of 1,300 tons per month. “Our long-term goal with this investment is to develop niche businesses to process and upgrade numerous waste streams into useful commodities,” Santarosa said. “With the tight spec that our customer requires we have been able to be a dominant supplier at an efficient price. The MTB shredder has allowed us to not only recognize value as a preferred supplier, but we have done it at a lower than anticipated cost.”

WENDT CORPORATION is the exclusive strategic partner and distributer in North America for MTB equipment, parts and service. MTB has over 35 years of experience manufacturing wire and cable chopping systems and is France’s largest processor with over 40,000 tons of copper and aluminum cables processed each year. As a processor themselves, MTB continues to provide new applications and innovative designs, to deliver robust and purpose-built machines for wire and cable chopping, granulating, sorting, cleaning and sizing.