The WENDT/TOMRA FINDER has been the industry standard in metal recovery technology since their introduction to the North American marketplace in 2001.

The FINDER offers rules based sorting. Decisions can be made based on a variety of characteristics such as signal intensity, size and shape. This allows operators to target and/or suppress items. Rather than typical yes/no decisions in sorting, we can offer a multi-layered decision for each target presented. With this level of classification the FINDER can shoot on wire while dropping zurik, thereby creating a high grade wire package with low metal contamination.


WENDT CORPORATION/TOMRA POLYFINDER has further capabilities that can target particles by material properties utilizing reflected light in the near infrared (NIR) spectrum. Each material has a unique “fingerprint” that permits precise targeting of materials such as PVC, PE, PP, PS, and so on.

The POLYFINDER was developed to tackle the difficult task of making an Insulated Wire product with minimal free metal contamination. Insulated Wire is specifically targeted by looking for particles that have a dual nature of an NIR “fingerprint” and metal.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the FINDER and its applications, please contact WENDT CORPORATION today.


If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the WENDT/TITECH finders and their applications, please contact WENDT CORPORATION today.