The ferrous downstream system is designed to separate and recover shredded steel. WENDT offers complete ferrous downstreams which incorporate the most advanced technology available. Downstreams are designed based on individual customer need and can include: Dual Magnet Assembly, Z-Box and Air System, Closed Loop Air System and Mill De-Dusting equipment.

Electro-agitating scrap drums are provided with multiple alternating magnetic coils to flip the material and release entrapped waste.

Entrapped waste and magnetic dirt carried by the drums can be separated by the Z-Box Air System. The latest generation of air separation system incorporates a lined abrasion-resistant Z-Box with integral conveyor seals and full recirculation of process air to prevent airborne particulate escape.

Our Closed Loop option provides for full recirculation of the Z-Box air through use of air knives at the conveyor interfaces. The high velocity air curtain created prevents particulate escape from the system without relying on pressure differentials.

Non-Ferrous Equipment
Our on-line or batch-fed modular-designed systems can be provided to handle any flow while maintaining high metal quality with minimal metal loss.
Some examples of our purpose-built products include:
>> Volume-controlling Tumbleback Feeder with an 8′, 12′ or 16′ long hopper absorbs and controls material surges to allow batch or on-line feeding.
>> Creep Feeder for larger capacities will volumetrically control material surges and deliver a uniform continuous feed to the plant.
>> Multistage Trommel available in traditional round design or with square cross-section for improved tumbling action and better product screening.
>> bivi-TEC flip flow screens for efficient screening of smaller material.
>> Sensor Sorters and Eddy Current Separators for ultra-fine, fine, and coarse material.
>> ASR Windsifter for efficient removal of light waste.
>> Clean system layouts with minimal supports and transitions to ease maintenance and housekeeping duties.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Downstream Separation Systems, please contact WENDT CORPORATION today.