Infeed Conveyors

The WENDT Shredder Duty Infeed Conveyors maximize throughput by feeding cars and loose sheet metal more efficiently to the shredder. They can be supplied in a variety of configurations, lengths and discharge heights to service any new or existing shredder.

Our Infeed Conveyors offer:

  • Modular design with heavy steel plate bridge girder type construction.
  • Four impact rails in the loading section, two rails on remainder of conveyor.
  • D-4 Chain, idlers, segmented drive sprockets, and curved or straight back grousers.
  • Hydraulic drive motor with variable high-speed power unit or mechanical drive with VFD control.
  • Optional three chain design with two-rail configuration.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Feed Systems, please contact WENDT CORPORATION today.