WENDT CORPORATION’S comprehensive line of automobile shredders ranges from 60″ to 130″ with available horsepower from 750 to 10,000. All of our shredder designs are engineered to provide the highest production per kilowatt hour and lowest wear part consumption per shredded ton, while maximizing performance, reliability and safety.

»» Custom plant design from infeed to downstream separation and automation
»» Industry’s first modular shredding system
»» Separation systems are configured to attain the highest quality ferrous shred
»» Incorporate best-in-class magnets, motors, drives and hydraulics to ensure optimal performance and reliability
»» Emission controls utilizing air classification and intelligent water injection systems
»» Turnkey installation services
»» Full range of services to support existing shredder operators
»» Extensive array of training and support programs custom-tailored for first time operators

The WENDT CORPORATION line of auto shredder systems includes Modular Shredders, Traditional Sized Shredders, as well as, WENDT Heavy Shredders:

  • Model M6060 Shredder (750-1000 HP)
  • Model M6090 Shredder (1500-2500 HP)
  • Model 80/104 Shredder (2500-3000 HP)
  • Model 98/104 Shredder (4000-5000 HP)
  • Model 82/115 HEAVY Shredder (3000 – 4000 HP)
  • Model 106/115 HEAVY Shredder (6000 – 7000 HP)
  • Model 130/115 HEAVY Shredder (8000 – 10000 HP)

WENDT CORPORATION’S Automobile Shredder Support equipment includes:

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Auto Shredders, please contact WENDT CORPORATION today.