WENDT CORPORATION’S automobile shredders are setting new world standards for efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. They also offer reduced energy consumption while producing clean, high-density scrap at optimum tonnages. Our solutions encompass all aspects of shredder plant design, from infeed equipment to the latest in ferrous and non-ferrous downstream processing plants.
The WENDT CORPORATION line of auto shredder systems includes Modular Shredders, Traditional Sized Shredders, as well as, WENDT Heavy Shredders:

  • Model M6060 Shredder (750-1000 HP)
  • Model M6090 Shredder (1500-2500 HP)
  • Model 80/104 Shredder (2500-3000 HP)
  • Model 98/104 Shredder (4000-5000 HP)
  • Model 82/115 HEAVY Shredder (3000 – 4000 HP)
  • Model 106/115 HEAVY Shredder (6000 – 7000 HP)
  • Model 130/115 HEAVY Shredder (8000 – 10000 HP)

WENDT CORPORATION’S Automobile Shredder Support equipment includes:

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Auto Shredders, please contact WENDT CORPORATION today.