The Ultimate Line of Modular Shredders – Right Sized Solutions & Application Versatility

Industrial Metals Touched Up
2015-05-06 Wendt GoodwoodShredderPlant 154.1

Our modular shredder line has a uniquely-engineered multi-functional design that is ideal for shredding automobiles, light iron, various grades of aluminum bales, breakage and more. Processing up to 10,000 tons per month on a single shift, our modular shredders can be combined with our advanced and flexible downstream separation systems.

Modular Plant Overview
>> Process up to 60 tons per hour of autos and light iron
>> Create premium quality shred with our optimized shredding chamber
>> Superior liberation of non-ferrous metals
>> Modular design installs on a flat concrete slab, saving time and money
>> Available turnkey with installation in less than 30 days

Modular Design Features:
The modular design features of this shredder line allow for significantly lower total project costs compared to a “traditional style” shredder installation. These design features allow for the shredder to be installed on a flat concrete pad and eliminate the need for a shredder building which would typically support the pulpit, and contain the motor, hydraulic power units, and electrical rooms. In addition to the reduction of the physical infrastructure, this design greatly reduces the overall installation time and the costs associated with concrete hydraulic and electrical contractors.
>> Pre-Fabricated Steel Support Structure
>> Pre-Fabricated Motor Building
>> Electrical House
>> Fluid Power House

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the WENDT Modular Shredder line, view the brochure on the left or contact WENDT CORPORATION today.