M6090 Shredding Plant
M6090 Shredder
WENDT Headquarters
Infeed Conveyor
Non-Ferrous Recovery System
Non-Ferrous Separation System
Non-Ferrous Separation System
Model 98 Shredder

Automobile Shredders

WENDT CORPORATION’S Automobile Shredders provide a heavy duty and reliable solution to auto shredding – as well as a competitive edge.
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Downstream Separation Systems

WENDT CORPORATION’S Separation Systems offer sophisticated metal recovery, maximization of profits, and reduced waste transportation costs.
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TOMRA Separators

WENDT CORPORATION’S Separators deliver cutting edge, sensor-based technology for more efficient and effective sorting of recyclables.
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MTB Wire Chopping

WENDT CORPORATION’S Wire Chopping Systems are robust, reliable and efficient for the highest material recovery.
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Gershow Recycling Purchases MTB CABLE BOX from WENDT

WENDT CORPORATION has announced the sale of an MTB CABLE BOX to Gershow Recycling, located in Medford, NY. The sale represents the fourth CABLE BOX to be sold since its launch last year and the second in recent weeks.
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